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A science of immortal, as per our ancient literature “Vaastu” means “Vasathi” or “Vaasa” it means living under one roof. Later this word has been adopted as Vaastu Shastra. Some literature says that Vaastu means “Vaasthuvu”, i.e., items kept at home, in some areas the spelling is also been used as “Vaastu” or “Vaastu” or “Vasthu” or “Vaasthu” in Bengal it is called as “Bastu” or “Baastu”. But most popularly known as “Vaastu Shastra”.

What is vaastu?. In simple words it is science of construction for dwelling or commercial purposes, this is apart from construction engineering. This science believes that every construction is an organic whole having both benign and malign constituents. The proper apportioning in proper moderation of these forces for harmonious living is all vaasthu is about.

Now you know that mere wealth does not provide us mental peace. We can’t buy everything with money. Many of us do not understand this elementary principle and face problems. If you follow the vaastu instructions from the Best Expert Vaastu Shastra Consultant then you will benefit.

We may earn money but we cannot attain peace in life. Vaastu for home, Vaastu for the property are important.

The influence of Vaastu is no doubt blessed peace of mind to residents. Those who are suffering from ill health, debts, quarrels, court cases, property loss, family members misunderstandings, facing troubles in family life, disputes, frustration, tension only look forward towards peaceful existence.

Frustrated people having negative outlook will crave for Vaastu Shastra as it is the ultimate answer.

When you start to follow Vaastu principles right from the beginning harmony, happiness are natural results.

If the property is according to Vaastu Principles then peace and harmony rules, even infertility issues are solved residents may be blessed with kids/children. Overall there is a high chances of getting pregnancy once residents showed their property and done the corrections advised by only with best Vaastu consultant, now a days there are many online Vaastu experts are available, please choose only the best Vaastu specialist among them. Don’t fall into the quacks unbelievable sayings.

Chawla Manavv is an learned analyst in Vaastu, Astrology, Numerology and Fengshui.