Vaastu for Home Decoration

The concept of home interiors and Vaastu find base in different corners of the house. It is also about choosing the right home décor items, which are necessarily Vaastu-friendly, to add positive at home. Infact, your house can be classified as per Vaastu into positive and negative zones and based on the two principles, it can be decorated to heighten the positive effect and reduce the negative impact in the living space. Vaastu recommends that you keep the positive zones light and use heavy furniture decoration in the negative zone, for example.

The negative areas are the south, west and southwest facing side of the home and the positive ones are the north, east and north-east.

The two zones are just one of Vaastu points you need to comply with. There is plenty to do when it comes to applying the concept of Vaastu in beautifying your home and to bring good luck and charm, the whole day along. For example, there are clocks, which should be kept in a certain direction so as to generate positive energy in the living space. It is best to avoid a clock placed on the door or in the negative zone (in any of the direction as mentioned above). Place the clock in the positive zone preferably, which means the clock should be hung on the wall in the east or north direction. Another good luck charm is a flowing or pouring water statue. It is very Vaastu relevant as it portrays life around water, a strong Vaastu element. You can choose to install an aquarium at home, for example.  

As for the furniture, the bed should be in the southwest direction of the room and cupboards also in the southwest room corner and opening in the North direction. Dining table should be in the north-west direction no matter where you decide to exactly place it. We all use auspicious (Godly) statues inside home and as per Vaastu, they should be appropriately placed in the Puja room. Don’t place them in the north-east room side. The window draperies should be light colours in the bedroom and dark colours should only be used in the drawing room.  

The other part of our home is the kitchen and ideally, the appliances should also be used in the Vaastu direction. For example, the gas and the oven, which heats the food, should be in the south-west side. The kitchen geyser, another heating appliance should be in the north-east and the same Vaastu logic applied to the geyser in the bathroom too.  

Other home appliances like the AC and the refrigerator is to be placed in the north-west side. TV should be in the north, east or south-east corner only. Mirror should be in the north or the east and it should be bed opposite the bed in the room,  

Focusing deeper on some of the home essentials, try and use ceramics and marble flooring but don’t use white marbles in the bedroom. As you must have noticed around you, it is the temples which use white marbles and you can do the same at home in the Puja room too. Bright lights are favourable as per the Vaastu also as it adds vibrancy and keeps the family members in spirited and in a good mood everyday they return from their respective offices/schools. Likewise, use chirpy colours for home wall paints too like the sky blue, green, or neutral shades for the rooms. Avoid cactus and thorny plants at home, instead use Tulsi like plants which are close to nature and considered holy as per the Hindus.

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