Vaastu Before You Buy a New Property

Buying a new property is an auspicious occasion and a time which brings in prosperity and a moment of success. We always try to find the best place to stay in or built an office, but are you sure it is really the best? The concept of Vaastu is based on the same principles of growth in prosperity and to help you achieve greater success in life ahead too. It reflects upon the auspicious moment and to help you be and feel lucking during every moment of your stay in the new home. No matter, whether you are buying a new home or a pre-owned home or just staying on rent, there are certain Vaastu steps to be taken so that you have a life full of peace and happiness as long as you stay in the selected house.

Vaastu is nothing but dealing with the complete environment and stress caused as a result of the pollution which affects us directly and indirectly in our lives. Also, the modern pace of life demands us to follow the rules of the nature and keep the five elements water, fire, air, sky and earth in fine balance. It is easy to adapt to the Vaastu way of life.  

If you have just bought a new property, the first step to make it completely auspicious is to install the altar. We all do the Hawan Puja to remove the impurities in the environment, if any, from affecting our house or office. To add to the Puja décor, you can recite mantras and ring bells. It is also very important to clean the house, sweep the floors and walls and remove any dirt inside the cupboards, closets or any corners of the house. You can also spray the sandalwood water to clean the house, windows and the doors. Be doubly sure, you don’t have any clutter when you step inside the home. If it is a second hand property then you need to double check the cleanliness part personally. It is good to do it in the place where you are planning to stay as all this dirt, dust or broken and unused things can lead to negativity around you. It won’t make you feel positive and instead, create an aura of illness and depression.      

There is always a way to buy a Vaastu compliant home to ensure happiness and prosperity. Take for example, the surroundings of your home, which affect you in more than one way. While choosing a flat, you can take into consideration few points to make it a good Vaastu home. Firstly, always try and invest in a new property over a second hand apartment to get rid of any unknown pre-existing problems or the turbulent history of the people attached to the home. If you do buy a pre-owned property, it is crucial to clear the energies of the living past and it can be done through optimal cleaning and whitewashing the house. This way you don’t own the problems of those staying here earlier.

When investing in a property, it is important to observe the shape of the property. You can hire a professional Vaastu expert to spot any irregularity or any misshapen corner or missing direction which may be important according to the Vaastu. It is the square and rectangle shape properties which make for a good investment.

Moving to the interiors, you will have to avoid certain things to be Vaastu compliant. The bedroom should not be directly above the kitchen and the toilets should not be over a dining area or the kitchen. A professional expert can guide you step by step to be mindful and vigilant of certain things especially the kitchen, bedroom, furniture and toilet locations.

Similarly, an area spanning and facing a vacant, wide piece of land in north or east can be a very auspicious investment.

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