Know What Numerology by Name Is

Even if we are not familiar with how numerology exactly works, the first thing which comes to our mind about it is- numerology is the language of numbers. It is a science which reveals a person’s own character and tell us many things about own life. Numerology tells about your character and up to a certain extent, about your future. Like we know, numerology is numbers science and it uses only simple math to associate each number with a type of personality. Yes, each number has a personality, character, or human trait definition attached to it, depending upon the personal numerology.

Your date of birth is the first step to derive a personal numerology chart. However, it is not only limited to an individual’s date of birth. It has also to do with your name, the name given to you at your birth. There are numerology charts drawn on the basis of the letters of your birth name. Even if you change your name, it is truly the birth name on which your numerology chart is based. Based on the number value of your birth date and birth name, the numbers which define or add up to your destiny are extracted.

It is important to note that numerology is based on your birth name and it plays an important role in working out your personal numerology chart. Even though numerology is everything to do with your birth name, but it still gives you important answers of your name after marriage or divorce, for example, and how it affects your future life course. It also provides information like how spelling of your name affects your luck or fortune in life.

How does it really work?

Numerology originated 1000s of years back belonging to ancient civilizations of Babylon, China, Egypt, India and Greece. The most famous numerology form is the one created by Pythagoras, around 2500 years back.

The first step is to determine your life path number and your destiny number, the two significant numbers in your life. The life path number is determined on the basis of your birth date. It reveals your deepest desire, deepest secrets of your soul and your personality.

Talking specifically about the numerology power of your name, it has a magical prowess, with each alphabet holding a deep meaning and representing a vibration of your life. Each alphabet, according to the science of numerology, signifies a planet. Numerology based on numbers is an ancient science based in principles of Vedic knowledge.

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