How We Do

Many residents living in other countries have little or no idea about Indian traditional construction system ie Vaastu Shastra. Some residents may have a doubt if this is a working science. The answer is YES, Millions of people have followed this since centuries and have enjoyed the benefits. Best suitable for the high-rise homes, simple to follow, but care has to be taken in selection of Vaastu expert.

House is the supreme secured place where one can choose to stay a lifetime with family living happily. But for some it’s the scariest place. What might be the reason which drives you so crazy, frustrated? If people are tormented in the house it is solely due to non-compliance of Vaastu principles. Connect with Manavv to get valuable information about house construction and important measures to be taken if you intend to have a peaceful with prosperous life.

Manavv can provides you consultancy when you construct your office. Chairman’s best sitting place or CMD chamber, other directors’ rooms, staff placement, files rack, pantry location, reception area etc information. Office is our life, a place where you work and earn money. When it comes to succeeding in your business or employment or career, it is always best to follow the principles that are laid down for your success.

Vaastu also helps you avoid any negative power. If you have more people to work at your work stations, then do not compromise on obtaining vaastu consultancy from one of the best vaastu expert in this field. Once I visit your place, you may be astonished to hear the stunning facts with remedies you would need to follow.

The best leisurely resting place in our life at home is bedroom. Manavv’ advise on direction and location suitable to place the bed, furniture, windows, doors for this room, etc Having the right advise from him will enhance the bond between husband and wife, among the family members, between children and parents.


How to build factories or industries can be tricky, though it seems very easy. The  placement of machines, where to place the doors or gates, seating arrangements, labor quarters, placement of generators or Electrical transformers, office for managing director or chairman, Conference rooms, cabins for staff, kitchen, dining room, everything that is needed for factories matters in the success of business.

To reduce headaches, it is advisable that one may construct the property with Vaastu principles, if the property may be built with Vaastu rules then it will protect the owners.