Who I am





Chawla Manavv(Vaastu-Numerology-Astrology-Feng-Shui & Marriage-Relationships Analyst)

Born in a renowned business family Chawla Manavv is a luminary in many occult sciences. His unique and imaginative contribution towards VEDIC VAASTU, ASTROLOGY, Numerology & Feng-Shui awareness since 2007. He is also an expertise in Relationships issues like marriage and other day to day relevant problems of life.

During his association of years as VAASTU ANALYST he was deeply involved in the establishment, expansion and revival of numerous business/industrial enterprises. He interacted with leading intellectuals of Vaastu, Feng-Shui, Astrology & Numerology working in different parts of the world along with his most trusted and dedicated revered Guru who owes every bit of his success to the holistic teachings.

Vaastu ConsultationHe has been conducting research and experiments on the basic principles of various ancient sciences for the use of common man by implementing Vaastu WITHOUT DEMOLITION and propagating these exhaustive guidelines exhibited in original texts.

He has organized/contributed to various national seminars, conference and symposiums in various parts of India. He has been regularly publishing useful information/articles about these holistic subjects in various national/international magazines and leading newspapers.

He gives spiritual counseling on Vaastu, Relationships issues like marriage, etc. and other day to day life problems with his personal touch & esteemed knowledge. He is an eminent technical, management and financial consultant for many large industrial/business houses and top business men.

Besides personal consultations by numerous top Bureaucrats, Industrialists, Corporate, Politicians, Government officers and members of many families in India, he has officially consulted by various temples and townships for planning their premises as per Vaastu principles.

He is the Founder Chairman of Institute of Vedic Vaastu & Astrology Vision, He is an active Rotarian in Rotary Organization and Charter President (2007-09) of Rotary Club Ghaziabad Navodaya, R.I.District-3010. He was also a Charter President of Interact Club DPSG (1995-96) & Rotaract Club of Ghaziabad Main (1996-98). He has actively participated as District Secretary (1997-99) & District Director International Service (1997-98) – Rotaract Club of Ghaziabad Main. He is the Founder President of “DESIGN YOUR DESTINY”.

He has also been felicitated with several medals and prestigious awards for selflessly promoting this VAASTU science, including receiving the Jyotish Bhushan on 18th Jan 2010, Vaastu Rattan, Vaastu Shastri, Vaastu Shree awards by Future Point India Ltd in past years. Based on his research with scientific approach he has recently awarded a “VAASTU VISHARAD” in National Workshop on Vaastu-Astrology Sciences at Chamber Of Commerce, Meerut.

Chawla Manavv has been honoured with a “BRIGHU RISHI” SAMAAN on 18th Feb’2015 at Nakshatra 2015, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi by President Future Point Shri Arun Bansal, Chairman Future Point Ms.Abha Bansal, Delhi University Vice Chancellor Shri Dinesh Singhji and Shri Jai Prakash Sharma (Lal Dhaghe Wale).

Chawla Manavv is presently adding peace, prosperity, harmony and happiness in the lives of people by imparting education, consulting and by consulting on VAASTU, ASTROLOGY, NUMEROLOGY & FENG-SHUI with a satisfied clientele across the globe.