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Implement Vaastu Without Demolition and Live in Harmony

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Chawla Manavv

Chawla Manavv

(Vaastu-Numerology-Astrology-Feng-Shui & Marriage-Relationships Analyst) Born in a renowned business family Chawla Manavv an MBA is a luminary in many occult sciences. His unique and imaginative contribution towards VEDIC VAASTU, ASTROLOGY, Numerology & Feng-Shui awareness since 2007. He is also an expertise in Relationships issues like marriage and other day to day relevant problems of life. During his association of years as VAASTU ANALYST he was deeply involved in the establishment, expansion and revival of numerous business/industrial enterprises. He interacted with leading intellectuals of Vaastu, Feng-Shui, Astrology & Numerology working in different parts of the world along with his most trusted and dedicated revered Guru who owes every bit of his success to the holistic teachings. He has been conducting research and experiments on the basic principles of various ancient sciences for the use of common man by ...

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Thank you very much for service, are really wonderful in their care and in the resolution of the problem.
David Soriano
Thanks for delivering top quality services to your clients. It just takes a minute to get an answer from you when in difficulties.
Yanetxys Torreblanca
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